Searched & didn't see this covered; apologies if it's answered elsewhere.

For nearly a year, Pandora has repeated the same ad on all of my squeezebox devices (4 SB Radios). I've deleted & reinstalled the Pandora app from, updated LMS to Version: 8.2.0 - 1627922070, switched to a different Pandora account on, deleted/reinstalled the app from the individual radios aaaand...nothing changed.

"Do you hate Mondays? Listen to 5-Hour Energy Get Up and Go Radio! Click on the Banner Ad to Get Started Now!" repeats over and over. We found it for a while, but now it's driving my family members

When I use the same Pandora account in a web browser, on my phone, TV, etc., I get different ads after each set of songs. It's only on the SB devices that this happens.

Any ideas what's going on, things for me to test and/or how to resolve it? TIA!