Hello everyone,

I have been searching the forum threads for a few days but still can't find a solution to this issue, after many tries.

I am trying to install SqueezePlay on my two Windows laptops, to complement my Squeezebox Radios which are working fine and connected to my home Logitech Media Server 8.1.1.

On the two Win10 laptops, after installation When I start Squeezeplay I get the following screens:

1. Choose Language / Use the wheel to choose your language. Press the center button to go on.
=> English

2. Welcome / Let's get started by getting you conneced to your network and music.
=> Continue

3. Connecting to mysqueezebox.com
=> Problem Connecting

4. Problem Connecting / We couldn't connect to mysqueezebox.com. If this problem persists, please check Logitech Media Server to make sure it is running properly, and that you have a reliable network connection.
=> Try Again / Switch Library.

Since the message wasn't obvious I ran a wireshark capture and get this HTTP exchange which is much clear :

POST /cometd HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: SqueezePlay-squeezeplay/7.8.0-r1291 (unknown)
Content-Length: 186
Host: jive.squeezenetwork.com:9000
Content-Type: text/json
Accept-Language: en

[{"ext":{"mac":"00:00:00:00:99:01","uuid":"132eb15d 21c2d306e6628325758d9f6b","rev":"7.8.0 r1291"},"supportedConnectionTypes":["streaming"],"version":"1.0","channel":"\/meta\/handshake"}]HTTP/1.1 200 (OK)
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:46:04 GMT
Server: SqueezeNetwork Jived/7.5.4 appj007.euw/611
Content-Length: 264

[{"clientId":"1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX00 0000009901X0X1638456364Xd9de4e41","supportedConnec tionTypes":["long-polling","streaming"],"version":"1.0","channel":"/meta/handshake","advice":{"timeout":60000,"interval":0, "reconnect":"retry"},"successful":true}]POST /cometd HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: SqueezePlay-squeezeplay/7.8.0-r1291 (unknown)
Content-Length: 351
Host: jive.squeezenetwork.com:9000
Content-Type: text/json
Accept-Language: en

[{"clientId":"1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX00 0000009901X0X1638456364Xd9de4e41","connectionType" :"streaming","channel":"\/meta\/connect"},{"clientId":"1X132eb15d21c2d306e66283257 58d9f6bX000000009901X0X1638456364Xd9de4e41","subsc ription":"\/1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX000000009901X0X 1638456364Xd9de4e41\/**","channel":"\/meta\/subscribe"}]HTTP/1.1 200 (OK)
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:46:04 GMT
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Server: SqueezeNetwork Jived/7.5.4 appj007.euw/611

[{"timestamp":"Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:46:04 GMT","clientId":"1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6 bX000000009901X0X1638456364Xd9de4e41","channel":"/meta/connect","advice":{"interval":5000},"successful":t rue},{"clientId":"1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f 6bX000000009901X0X1638456364Xd9de4e41","channel":"/meta/subscribe","subscription":"/1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX000000009901X0X 1638456364Xd9de4e41/","successful":true}]
[{"timestamp":"Thu, 02 Dec 2021 14:46:04 GMT","id":1,"data":{"version":"SN r","player count":0,"players_loop":[]},"channel":"/1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX000000009901X0X 1638456364Xd9de4e41/slim/serverstatus"}]
[{"error":"This player is already linked to another SqueezeNetwork account.","id":3,"channel":"/1X132eb15d21c2d306e6628325758d9f6bX000000009901X0X 1638456364Xd9de4e41/slim/request"}]

As far as I understood, my current Squeezebox account has my two registered Squeezebox Radios based on their MAC addresses, but can I start my SqueezePlay clients *without* connecting to MySqueezebox.com (I just need them to connect to my local LMS Server) ? A year ago or more, I had the same setup and my SqueezePlay and iPeng clients were visible on my MySqueezebox.com account along with my Radios and Duet.

Many thanks for your help,