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    Cannot add TuneIn station

    Hope this is the right place and you can fix it
    A month or two ago our squeezebox radios started giving an error for one of the TuneIn streams. I finally went in deleted the favorite and attempted to re-add it. but it doesn't show up as an option :/
    The station **IS** on the TuneIn website and I can find and add from the TuneIn app on my phone, and from the TuneIn app on our Rokus.

    So I did some digging, in the hopes that you can help.

    smile.fm website: https://www.smile.fm/ (They pretty much cover the lower peninsula of Michigan via repeater stations: https://smile.fm/about/stations.asp Pretty sure the master is 88.1 Lansing)

    TuneIn URL: https://tunein.com/radio/Smile-FM-881-s30619/

    Stream that VLC can play: https://video1.getstreamhosting.com:8202/stream

    Stream that includes Artist and song title / artwork: https://video1.getstreamhosting.com:...dioPlayer/8202

    While TuneIn works on my phone app and the Roku - they chose to only show the station 'Smile FM' and the current DJ...

    Finally I believe this is the old link that no longer works? http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?...9&partnerId=16

    I suspect that either:
    a. somehow it got removed or something from the squeezebox list of stations?
    b. those urls actually provide the app with many kinds of streams the app can request and smile.fm is no longer providing a content type that the squeezebox can decode.

    If it is option b could you tell me what stream type they would need to turn back on?

    also if LMS is required and will solve lemme know Thanks
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