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    I'm told Philippe_44 is looking for a new hardware project now he's done with the SqueezeAmps.....
    LMS 8.2.1 - 1639114554
    Control: Web GUI; MaterialSkin on Android phones / pads

    Machines / devices are in France, in two locations.
    a) Livebox 4
    Internal HDD (FLAC music; mp3 voice), LAN Desktop
    3 x Touch - 1 wireless, 2 LAN. (8.0.1-r16862)
    2 x SB Radios [wireless] (8.0.1-r16867)
    2 x SqueezeAmps

    b) Freebox
    External SSD, WiFi Laptop
    1 x Touch LAN (Firmware:8.0.1-r16862)
    2 x SB Radios, Wireless (8.0.1-r16867)

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    Lots of good ideas here, but I don't think anything other than used Squeezbox gear ticks all the original poster's boxes. I can add my endorsement of the Libratone Zipp, which I use with the AirPlay bridge. I occasionally use the onboard volume control, and I assume other basic controls -- play, pause, etc -- work, but I don't think I've ever tried them. I usually control it with the Material app on my phone. Honestly, I can't imagine going back to the interface on the Boom or Radio for browsing my library, after using Material.

    Tusken, if you are still reading this, I know you've said that you do not want to take on a do-it-yourself project, and I understand. Reading these forums, you see articles about people doing amazing custom wordworking projects or designing new circuit boards. That's all beyond me. I can write a file to an SD card and insert the card in a device, or I can follow directions, using cut and paste to run specific commands in the command line. Fortunately for me, that's about all that's required to meet my needs.

    Faced with your needs, my solution would probably be a boom box with a Raspberry Pi Zero plugged into the aux input and dangling off the back, and an old smartphone gaffer-taped to the side for a control interface. Totally functional and unbelievably ugly!

    Do you know anybody who does enjoy tackling DIY projects? Somebody you could pay to assemble the necessary components in a single enclosure, which would then be a plug-and-play device for you. I can't think of any other way to achieve everything you want.
    Usually running latest beta LMS nightly on Raspberry Pi OS with virtual players (Squeezelite and Airplay bridge). Occasionally using SB Radio, Boom or Classic.

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