This is my second set up on a Raspberry Pi because a power outage seems to have wiped out the first

New Microsd, newest version of picoreplayer and all went well until I started to scan my library.
It appears to be stuck here. The library will not appear in the medial server player (a few albums appear in the iPeng app)
I can get music to play but all of the music is not loading

Pre-caching Artwork Complete 454935:12:45

Discovering files/directories: /mnt/Music/11 a music (22329 of 22329) Complete 00:00:12

Scanning new music files: /mnt/Music/11 a music (248 of 20003) Complete 00:00:06

Abort scan

I cannot abort, I have shut down and re started the player, and it comes back up stuck on the scan

Any pointers or steps? Thanks