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    Quote Originally Posted by Man in a van View Post
    A server log (when rebuffering occurs) might help.

    When the Radio resumes, does it pick up where the failure occurs or further into the playback ?

    You say the Radios are patched > 7.3.3, would you please care to explain the steps taken

    As this effects all Radios it would seem to indicate a Network problem (I'm guessing here )

    Can you paste some of the station urls you are using, that have the problem.


    Ronnie had mentioned a server log (captured during rebuffering) to help identify what is going on. I don't have much experience in this area, but Ronnie and many others do. Perhaps they can suggest a setup, and I'd be curious to learn something (what they suggest) if it helps lead to your resolution. From the LMS settings UI, advanced tab:
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    Not sure what they would suggest to select, "Internet Radio" maybe? Also, there are advanced log settings that might be helpful. You can see/set where the log file is stored from this page.

    You mentioned going to the forum for your ISP. Maybe a LMS log can give you some good info to present there.


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    Solved I think.

    1. Rebooted into Max2Play and then downgraded the server to 9.2.
    2. Installed Patch server and installed version patch to all radios
    3. Changed VirginMedia box into modem mode
    4. Set all SB Radios to fixed IP addresses and set to high priority on Deco mesh system

    So far last 48 hours has been solid as a rock. I might also set the LMS server to reboot regularly overnight, just as an extra.

    Thanks for all the help guys


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