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A server log (when rebuffering occurs) might help.

When the Radio resumes, does it pick up where the failure occurs or further into the playback ?

You say the Radios are patched > 7.3.3, would you please care to explain the steps taken

As this effects all Radios it would seem to indicate a Network problem (I'm guessing here )

Can you paste some of the station urls you are using, that have the problem.


Ronnie had mentioned a server log (captured during rebuffering) to help identify what is going on. I don't have much experience in this area, but Ronnie and many others do. Perhaps they can suggest a setup, and I'd be curious to learn something (what they suggest) if it helps lead to your resolution. From the LMS settings UI, advanced tab:
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Not sure what they would suggest to select, "Internet Radio" maybe? Also, there are advanced log settings that might be helpful. You can see/set where the log file is stored from this page.

You mentioned going to the forum for your ISP. Maybe a LMS log can give you some good info to present there.