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    Volume goes up close to max when turn off synchronized player

    I'm not sure what I've changed to my setup, but I can't synchronize players anymore without facing a pretty annoying issue:

    - I play music synchronized between a Radio and a Boom
    - I switch off one of the two
    - about 10 seconds later, the volume of the device that I didn't turn off goes to 93%
    - Sometimes volume would go up on on of the devices if I turn on a 3rd syncronized Radio

    Any idea what may cause this?

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    I found today that this happens only if the Radio and Boom are also synchronized to my Touch. If I remove the Touch from the synchronized devices then the volume never jumps to 93%

    [edit] It happens regardless of the Touch being ON or OFF and regardless of the volume level of the Touch. One of the devices jumps to 93%. Always 93%.
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