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    Just sayin'

    After an hour of freakin' out over the "Network not found" message, I finally joined this forum (about time, I've had my Touch for around 15 years) and realized that I hadn't done a full factory reset.

    Success - the new year is truly off to a good start!

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    Got Vonets Bridge Working on Touch

    I was still having strange intermittent wifi failures on my Touch.

    So, I bought a Vonets VAR11N-300 which I plug into the Ethernet port on this Touch.

    The Vonets unit is in Bridge mode.

    One thing to note: I needed an external USB 5V/1A wall wart to power the Vonets; the USB power out of my Touch was not sufficient.

    That is a minor bummer -- it would be very clean to power the Vonets off the Touch itself.

    I will monitor this closely and report back if I still have issues.

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    FYI, I suggest not using Edimax EW-7438RPn. I bought some months ago to facilitate upgrading my WiFi from TKIP to AES (so that real Squeezeboxes would need Ethernet). The Edimax tested OK with TKIP but I couldn't get them going with AES. Edimax's newest firmware for that was released in 2015, so I think it's hopeless and am going to try the same newer Vonets that JPEG got.
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