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    IR Hex-Codes for Preset 7 to 10 ?


    first of all I would like to say many thanks to all You who are reading and answering all the questions! You all are really great!! I like this forum!

    Does anyone know which IR Hex-Codes I can try to use for "Preset 7 (play)" to "Preset 10 (play)"?

    These Codes are currently working great for Preset 1 to 6 at my Radio Box:

    Preset 1 (play) 51AE
    Preset 2 (play) 52AD
    Preset 3 (play) 53AC
    Preset 4 (play) 54AB
    Preset 5 (play) 55AA
    Preset 6 (play) 56A9

    Maybe I can use the Codes for 7 to 10, too? Does anyone know them?
    Everything else is clear for me, I am only asking for some Hex-Codes to try!


    Following suggestions do not work:
    7 - 57A8
    8 - 58A7
    9 - 59A6
    10 - 5AA5
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    There are no IR codes defined for presets 7-10 on the radio, in fact, unless you are running the community firmware on the radio version 8.0.1 r16862 or newer presets 7-10 are not supported.

    You can add the IR codes sent by your remote to /usr/share/jive/jive/irMap_default.lua on the radio to the bottom of file.

    -- Harmony remote integration: Discrete IR codes to play presets 1-6
    	[0x76898A75] = "preset_1",
    	[0x76894AB5] = "preset_2",
    	[0x7689CA35] = "preset_3",
    	[0x76892AD5] = "preset_4",
    	[0x7689AA55] = "preset_5",
    	[0x76896A95] = "preset_6",
    Note that the label for preset 10 is preset_0.

    You don't need to reboot the radio after making changes to the file, just restart squeezeplay.

    /etc/init.d/squeezeplay restart

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    Thank You very much for Your hints!

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