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    Thanks for the information.

    (I still can't get it to work, though.)

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    finally got it to work ecept ONE HUGE ISSUE

    I dont see any players anymore!!! What's weirder is that in the chromecast bridge settings i do see the chromecast enabled ones, but thats all.. they dont show up on the server's main interface page. so now my server scans music (that's why i moved it to my NAS), but doesn't show players, which is even worse...!

    anyone has a suggestion?

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    Synology Docker LMS Step by Step

    > *I dont see any players anymore!!!* What's weirder is that in the

    You would only see players which are actually connected to this instance
    of LMS. So head over to the players and make them connect to the new LMS.

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    Thanks to this thread and those that contributed, I was able to successfully transition my Synology 218+ to host LMS on Docker. As a non-programmer, this was incredibly helpful having a step by step guide and I couldn't have done it without it so thank you! It took some steps with the folder permissions but I finally have it right and everything is working flawlessly.
    Synology 218+
    LSM 8.2.1 via Docker
    Squeezebox Touch 7.8.0-r16754

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