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    SB3/Touch: good replacement power supplies (USA)?

    Can anybody recommend a good replacement power supply for SB3/Classic/Touch?

    Over the years I've had to replace several, and generally had good luck with cheap supplies from eBay, but not the last batch -- the plug size was wrong so I had to splice the wire from an old adapter, and, much worse, after a couple weeks in service it can no longer provide sufficient power to an SB3.

    Was Phihong the OEM for Slim Devices? (I'm afraid I don't have any original PSUs left to check!) Have any of you used other maufacturers you would recommend?

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    I think phihong was the original supplier. Most important to remember is the jack is 2.5mm, not 2.1. After that, PSU can be an inflammable topic, I donĺt think this is worth going crazy about them and you can find a ton of decent 5V/2A (which is plenty of power) on eBay or some ôsaferö ones on digikey
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    The IFI iPower is a wall wart designed for low noise audio applications. IFI is UK designed, and available on Amazon. I've certainly used one on my SB Touch that refuses to die of old age.

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