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    Raspberry Pi solution for Radios wifi issues

    I'm surprised that a Raspberry Pi configured as Wifi router to solve the Wifi disconnect issue with the Squeezebox Radio hasn't been tried as a solution to the Radio's dropping Wifi connections after a short period of time. (I was not comfortable with some of the solutions that altered the Radio's software; would rather blow up a $30 Raspberry pi than an irreplaceable radio). So I set up a Wifi bridge on the Pi that used Pi's wifi connection to bridge the ethernet connection on the Radio. I used the script developed by Will Haley (search the web) to create the bridge (save the script in /usr/bin he does not specify in the his post) . Requires an updated Pi with SSH enabled and connected to your WiFi network (before you run the script once the bridge is created SSH is really optional) . A change to the Radio to connect to ethernet with a remote library pointed to your Squeeze server's ip address. That's all. Has been working with no issues for 3 days. I have two Radio's I would like to keep running as long as I can.

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    I did try this a year ago when I first had the issue — didn’t work for me. Then tried switching my Google Mesh to an erro mesh, and then an ASUS (which has more configurable options). Nothing worked when changing routers. (I later found that my issue is interference from a neighbors WiFi).
    I’ve been using a Vonets for 3 of my 4 radios. The 4th I use as a portable to take to the patio. Just tried wlanpoke, didn’t work.
    The positive is that after a reboot, when playing the connection is stable for about 6 hours.
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    My reaction to using a raspberry pi, unless it is something you already have, to be a wifi bridge is more complex and cost more than purchasing device designed for that purpose. The Vonets or a TP-Link WR802 are cheap and small. To make the radio somewhat portable, I used a power brick for the TP-link WR802.

    This group likes to tinker with stuff, so I can understand there is an attraction to the raspberry pi to do stuff.
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