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    LMS on RPi4 or Celeron i3955u Ubuntu server


    I'm seeing lots of posts stating the RPi4 is "good enough" to run LMS. However, I want iPeng to be as 'snappy' and responsive as possible - otherwise family members start to complain about laggy responses. My library is over 250,000 FLACs; many of which are 24/192. There are 3 squeezeboxes in our household.

    Is RPi4 really that good? Would a Celeron i3955 based system be 'quicker' - ie 16gb RAM and NVM ssd as database drive? Thinking of the day-to-day running, not just library scanning.

    My files are all stored on a separate microserver NAS running TrueNAS, which has an offsite clone - I don't want any other software running on this NAS.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyboyph View Post
    Is RPi4 really that good? Would a Celeron i3955 based system be 'quicker
    Is RPi4 really that good? I think so, yes. I haven't experienced any issues running LMS on one, with just a USB SATA HDD attached, albeit I "only" have ~70,000 tracks, which are a mix of FLAC (none 24/192) and assorted lossy formats.

    I also stream 1080p HD video from it and it copes with that just fine.

    Would a Celeron be "quicker"? Yes.

    Would a Celeron be necessary? Probably not. And I think your using an SSD rather than the SATA HDD I have would make a significant difference on its own.

    All just my two pennĺorth worth.

    Duet x 3, via various hi-fi. LMS running on Raspberry Pi OS (Debian 10) + OMV on a Pi4 (4GB RAM) in an Argon Neo case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyboyph;
    Is RPi4 really that good? Would a Celeron i3955 based system be 'quicker' - ie 16gb RAM and NVM ssd as database drive?
    See an answer I posted a while back to a similar question. It's not just performance, it's also about looks and ability to be repurposed. But maybe you already have the Celeron box so then this is already determined.


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    I have both a Pi and a Linux Server and a Core32

    The Linux box is an old HP Microserver Athlon of some description with 8gb ram and a small SSD that holds the OS and LMS. Storage as with all others is on a NAS.

    The Linux box is quickest by some way. I put it down in the main to the SSD

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    Thanks folks. LMS is flying on the celeron machine. Ubuntu server and LMS installed on an NVMe SSD, can highly recommend for large libraries.

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