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    > If the issue is the player, then could the problem be resolved in a
    > community firmware update?

    I don't have the experience to confirm or deny this. But you'll
    certainly be in a better situation getting a Pi to run LMS on, than to
    wait for a firmware update to fix this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mherger View Post
    > I was just looking for a solution about that, there are a lot web radio
    > streams with "https://" url, for exemple from radioking platform.
    > Isn't there a work around ? and btw why is there this limitation ? is it
    > technical ?

    The workaround, as mentioned, is using LMS. And yes, it's a technical
    issue: the player's simply don't support https. Olders don't because
    they probably wouldn't even have the memory to do so.

    As a Synology user your best bet is to run LMS on a Pi or get the
    PolyVection CORE32 - unless you can run Docker on your NAS. But that
    topic is covered in other threads.
    I may go on a Pi in the future but for now I will stick to where I am, unfortunately I can't spend much time anymore in trying and learning things with computers and screens because of eye problems.

    So will live without https streams through the SB3,
    my guess is I can't update LMS because I use an old DSM that I don't won't to update.

    Thanks for your replies, good to see this forum is still very re-active.
    HiFi : SqueezeBox3, LMS 7.7.3 on NAS Synology, Dac Northstar 192, NAD C320BEE, Triangle AlteaESW.

    HC : Mede8er Med600X3D, Denon AVR-1908 (couplÚ au NAD), ALteaESW + 2 Tannoy, VP Sony HW10.

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