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    Quote Originally Posted by garym View Post
    I've used this across 7.x versions to 8.x versions in the past.
    Excellent. Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kappclark View Post
    I wld rescan the library -- cldn't take that long ! And let LMS do rescans overnight, if you update content regularly ...

    Do it overnight if you have a HUGE many-TB library .. mine is under 2T, and just moved to a newer LMS server. Scan took under 1 hour...the library itself is on a NAS..
    Good news! When I did a scan of my very large 7TB library with the LMS installed on my Synology 412+ it took 3 days!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioClash View Post
    You may not be able to hear your music thanks to the blazing fans in that thing

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