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    Quote Originally Posted by mrw View Post
    I don't have a library anywhere near 75000 tracks, and have not knowingly experienced the issue.

    In the absence of any informed suggestions:

    What is the available system memory at this point ? The 'free' command would show this.

    Would it be worth trying again with the "Full Text Search" plugin disabled ? That might localize the issue to the operation of the plugin.
    Thanks for replying!
                   total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
    Mem:         2052228      443312       59908         800     1549008     1581380
    Swap:              0           0           0
    I "aborted" the scan about five hours ago, but top still shows 100% CPU usage by perl. And the LMS browser display says it's still running:

    Building full text index   (1 of 7)   Running  11:14:54
    I suppose I have no choice but to kill LMS?

    Thanks again.
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