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    New Take On Hi-res Portable (and Pi Power)

    I was surprised when this Pi3B/IQ Audio DAC+ combination was easily powered by my Anker battery bank.

    My first foray into a wifi implementation.

    Now I can enjoy my music in hi-res in my favourite armchair.
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    Music Store and VPN Server: Synology DS215J NAS
    Study Server: LMS 8.2.0 on Pi 4B pCp 8.0.0/IQ Audio DAC+
    Refurbished 1962 RCA Stereo Console Server/Player LMS 8.2.0 on Pi 4B pCp 8.0.0/IQ Audio DAC+
    LAN Players: x2: pCp 8.0.0 on Pi 3B / IQ Audio DAC+
    LAN Player/ADC pCp 8.0.0 on Pi 3B / IQ audio Codec +
    PC Players: x2: Squeezelite on Windows 10 PC.
    VPN Mobile & Car Player: Material/SqueezePlayer on Android Phone

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