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    Cover art gone - only 50x50 thumbnails exist

    after doing a complete "new" scan of my database (ok, it lasted > 30 hrs. but 1x-2x a year I do ;-)) with latest beta, the covers for many albums are gone and only the 50x50 thumbnails are there. BEFORE the rescan all worked fine...

    /music/d84343b4/cover_50x50_o - is there for EVERY album
    /music/d84343b4/cover_150x150_o and /music/d84343b4/cover - are MISSING with may albums.

    I didn't change any settings.
    In every case:
    - Folder.jpg is in the albums folder
    - the cover art is included in the *.mp3 (using mp3tag)

    Is it NOT a problem of the web browser or cache: Problem exists in web browser as well as on Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio as well as using eg Squeezer app (Android).

    Additional information:
    - In "Advanced => Formatting => Artwork" I defined Folder.jpg as "standard"
    - "Advanced => Formatting => Artwork Folder" is left empty
    - "Advanced => Performance => Artwork Pre-caching" is set to "Pre-cache album artwork"
    - "Advanced => Performance => Artwork Resizing" is set to "Use Logitech Media Server to resize artwork"
    (all settings unchanged to the "working" database before)

    What is going wrong and more important: How can I repair (I did some update scans afterwards, nothing has changed... )

    What happens if I delete just "artwork.db" - is it rebuilt with the nex "new and changed" scan or will it result in a new full/initial scan (I wanna avoid for lasting > 30 hrs...)

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