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    Upgraded to version 8 and Squeezelite not starting, and HiFiBerry DAC not found

    I decided to start upgrading my 4 Pi4s with HiFiBerry hardware to version 8 because I was getting trouble with my version 6 talking to each other via LMS.
    I cannot get squeezelite to start.
    I have done a fresh install to version 8 on one which has a HiFiBerry AMP + attached which I have selected and rebooted.
    Squeezelite is not running.
    I do not see any HiFiBerry Devices lists under the 'Output setting' which it is on my other devices.

    Should I be installing some hifiberry drivers?
    From the commnad line I get this:

    arecord -l
    **** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****

    Nothing there, so why is the HiFiBerry device not found

    I have just tested version 7 and my HiFiBerry device is found OK

    Thanks in advance
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    hi themetman,

    Most HATs should be auto detected and appear under "output setting" > "More>" help.

    If this doesn't happen, the correct "Audio output device settings" must be select otherwise squeezelite will fail to start.

    It shouldn't be needed but the command is aplay not arecord.

    Have you tried a "Full Update" from pCP7.0.0?


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