Hi folks!

I recently updated my network and would like to switch completely to WPA2-EAP authentication. The setup works already with other WiFi devices but I'm struggeling to get my Squeezebox connected.

Player-Modell: Squeezebox Radio
Gerätetyp: baby
Firmware: 8.0.1-r16855

LMS and device were recently updated to 8.0.1 and I already found a howto at blog.raptor2101.de/2011/12/27/squeezebox-und-radius/ for setting up WPA supllicant to connect to my new WiFi, but it doesn't work as expected. I get a connection to the WiFi but the RADIUS authentication failes. I tweaked the parameters int the wpa_supplicant.conf file, but this just lead to various other errors (on the Squeezebox on the RADIUS).

What got my attention from the start: I wanted to connect without certificates - just username and password over TLS. While other clients connection attemps show up in the RADIUS log with a hint to a TLS tunnel (regardless if successfull or not), I do not find anything about TLS when the Squeezebox tries to authenticate.

I thought, I may have to use certificates, so I changed the configuration and created a client certificate and converted it according to the howto. I changed the RADIUS server configuration accordingly and tried to connect again. Now the error message even more points me to TLS:

2021-07-14T11:57:30 Auth: (28) Login incorrect (eap_tls: (TLS) Alert write:fatalrotocol version): [username/<via Auth-Type = eap>] (from client hotspot port 0 cli 00-04-??-??-??-??)

So my questions are:
Which TLS is inclueded in the 8.0.1 firmware or how can I find out? The usual commands I know don't work
And: is there any hope to get this to work without using workarounds like connecting the ethernet port to another device that does the connection instead?