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    DAC not receiving any signal

    Hello dear community,

    second install of a pcP for Bluetooth receiver purpose, with no better success than the first time.

    Context: I want to listen to the sound of music or videos played on my iPhone through my stereo system, thanks to bluetooth link.

    pcP 8.0 used, checked for updates and patches (none found)
    squeezelite stopped
    bluetooth installed and iPhone paired as player
    shareport running

    pcP selectable as speaker in the iPhone, but no sound comes out.
    DAC sometimes believes it's receiving a 48kHz signal, sometimes doesn't display any sample rate meaning it's not receiving a signal.

    Tried to disable the USB-FSM driver, changed USB port, rebooted the devices in every order possible... Still nothing.

    Is there something coming to your wise minds to get it working?

    Thanks in advance!


    Main system: Syno 415+ -> Roon server on Intel NUC -> Bricasti M1 DAC -> Karan KAL reference mkIII-> 2x Karan KAM 900 -> Usher BE20 DMD. All powered from PS Audio P10.
    Office system: Syno 415+ -> Roon server on Intel NUC -> Raspberry pi with Rooopi -> Burson Audio Conductor V2+ -> Hifiman Edition X
    Remote system: LMS on Syno 415+ -> piCorePlayer with Audiophonics DAC -> Monitor Audio Silver 100

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    Did you disable the rpi onboard Bluetooth? Why not use shairport-sync?
    piCorePlayer a small player for the Raspberry Pi in RAM.
    Homepage: https://www.picoreplayer.org

    Please donate if you like the piCorePlayer

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    Question: Can Shairport-sync work over Bluetooth? I have always assumed it works over wifi only.

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