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    I’m wondering if the OP is aware that there is software that will run on Windows that makes the PC become a native SB player and that there are very good crossfade options built into LMS.
    You want Sugarcube to generate the playlists but you want to play them on PC with crossfade applied. Is that right?
    The Windows software players are
    Squeezelite-X - on Windows store - combines an instance of Squeezelite with a system tray tool
    Squeezelite - command line player
    Squeezeplay - has a gui
    You can find the last two by finding a post by Ralphy - link in his signature

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    I get that, but am really in love with the Sqrsoft crossfader - especially with the older jazz, R&B and pop music I'm listening to it works incredibly well. No long fade outs or anything with this material and the crossfades are usualy razor sharp.

    I see the LMS M3U playlist and the Winamp one both, but not sure if there's a way to automatically port one to the other - there's no setting in this version of Winamp to use a different playlist, so I'm guessing I'd have to find a way to trick it into thinking the LMS playlist is its own (which is called winamp.m3u).

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    Is anybody qualified and interested in developing a plug-in to do this? It’s a paying job; you can PM me if interested. Basically, I need a plug-in that will port a current squeezelite’s playlist to Winamp in real time. It would be a dynamic playlist generated by Spicefly Sugarcube so it has to update automatically and delete played tracks as it goes. The old Winamp, a 2.x version.

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