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From memory, it is technically possible to have Ethernet and WiFi working at the same time ů in which case they would have different MAC addresses. In that case, simply tell your router to fix that at .1.4 as well (if it allows duplicates).
I think the player will find it anyway unless you configured Squeezelite to connect to a specific IP address.
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Nope, IP address will change because each network interface has its own MAC address. You'll have to assign 192.xxx.x.4 to the MAC of the wired connector.
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I believe when pCP starts squeezelite, if it finds wifi and wired ethernet, it will choose wired ethernet to connect to LMS.

So squeezelite <-> LMS will use wired ethernet.

You can use either wifi and wired to connect to the pCP web GUI or ssh etc.

At least that was how it worked when the code was originally written. It may have changed?? or the wheels have fallen off??

I can't see why you would have both wifi and wired after the initial setup.

Look at [Main Page] > [Diagnostics] > [Raspberry Pi] > "Controls MAC". This page shows you MAC addresses, IP addresses and Controls MAC which is used by squeezelite.
Both the Pi's are working as intended, thank you everyone for your valuable inputs.