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    Quote Originally Posted by JanVana View Post
    Hello Clive,

    I have a Raspberry 4, Amp100 and a DSP module running. I have the same issue with low frequency rumble on some Hifiberry DSP Profiles. I asked hifiberry for support, but unfortunately they can't help me. Have you found a solution.

    Thanks for your help. Regards.
    Jan, I saw your post on the HiFiBerry forum and responded there.
    But to summarise: ditch the DSP card and just use SOX to apply the filters you need.

    I strongly suspect that the algorithms used in the DSP card are flawed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphy View Post
    Yes there is a pcp-sox.tcz extension for picoreplayer. It's used for the streamer and is available to install separately from the extensions section in the webgui main tab.
    Has anyone managed to get this set up to use SOX to EQ on the player side?

    My setup is a bunch of (hidden) RPis just running Squeezelite, connected to ceiling speakers, controlled remotely by jogglers mounted on my walls in various rooms (running jivelite) and LMS running as a docker on my Unraid server. So having the RPis manage the EQ on the player side is much preferred.

    I've installed the sox plugin but can't figure out how to configure the EQ routing. If I can get working might look to build a squeezlight UI plugin for a graphic EQ/balance control...

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