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    Write Error picoreplayer mount cache LMS favourites

    Hi there and sorry, if this question has already been answered but I couldn't find a solution. I am a total Linux noob!

    My setting:
    • DS 118 with DSM 7.0-41890
    • piCorePlayer v7.0.1 on a PI connected to DS via cable

    For creating mountpoints I did the following:
    • On the DS I activated NFS Version 3 with no further settings
    • Also on the DS I chose the shared folder "music" and editetd the NFS-permissions
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    • in the LMS settings of the picoreplayer I added a mountpoint as follows
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      I had to leave the option section blank, because by specifying the uid 1001 and gig 50 I received an error when trying to mount

    So far so good.

    No I wanted to move the cahe of LMS to the NAS (I SHOULD do that, shouldn't I?). However, I did as described above to create a mountpoint with a new shared folder. After done that I assigned the new mountpoint to the setting "Save LMS Server Cache and Preferences to Mounted Drive". Everything seems to work fine.

    But when I try to save favourites I get an error "Fehler beim Speichern der Datei /usr/local/slimserver/prefs/favorites.opml". Additonal I can't update Plugins. So I guess I have a rights-problem, because moving back the LMS Cache to the defalt (SD on the PI) results in havein no problems anymore.

    Can someone give me a hint what to do, or is moving the cache to the nas not really usefull?

    Thank you very much!

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    Putting the Cache on a network drive is going to slow down the system. I would just leave it on the SD card or a good USB drive
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