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    Yesterday I updated my old tp link archer wifi router to a brand new Asus rt a86u « end game » router and since then my squeezebox radio keeps wifi for barely a minute before being disconnected, wifi icon turns blue and no operations through the menu brings it back on. I have to reboot it and then it plays for one or two minutes and then off again.
    Wlanpoke eventually reconnects it automatically after a blank, but it’s not sustainable.
    Anyone know what the problem is? It’s oubviously related to the Asus wifi router.

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    Probably related to mesh networking.
    Search here for WiFi6 for a few threads on the topic and some suggestions for settings to change to mitigate (and lose some of its new functionality).
    Paul Webster
    Author of "Now Playing" plugins covering Radio France (FIP etc), PlanetRadio (Bauer - Kiss, Absolute, Scala, JazzFM etc), KCRW, ABC Australia and CBC/Radio-Canada
    and, via the extra "Radio Now Playing" plugin lots more - see https://forums.slimdevices.com/showt...Playing-plugin

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    Thanks Paul.
    Removing wifi6 support on the 2.4GHz band seems to have fixed the issue.

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