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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony T View Post
    wlanpoke still not working for me.
    FWIW, attached are the logs
    The logs are worth quite a lot, thanks. They show the script is exiting 2 seconds after the second full reset. The connection was restored, and the log file entry completed perfectly. Then comes the ... wlanpoke 752 exiting... entry, which, regrettably, does not explain how or why.

    I read through the code, but the reason the shell script should encounter an error and exit 2 seconds after a successful connection reset eludes me.

    To help troubleshoot, have taken my development Squeezebox and configured as close to yours as practical: reverted to (the current main branch), enabled the original Atheros driver, connected to the office access point (-40 dBm), renamed the radio to "XxxxxXxxxx Radio 4", connected the serial port, killed the LMS server ncat, then, from the serial console, ran /etc/wlanpoke/wlanpoke.sh -x -W quick -d /etc/wlanpoke/log/ &, and pointed both Firefox and Chrome at the radio's web status page. Running the script from a console (serial or ssh) displays any additional messages not saved to the logs, e.g., the web page requests from Firefox and Chrome, and other error messages. I am hoping the system will fail and display an error message of some sort. I will report back later.

    I am playing a random 'song' mix from the server. If you are playing some external stream, I can try that too.

    At your end, you might re-try the previous suggestions from the 2021-09-17, 10:58 earlier post, plus the later suggestion of using ssh instead of the TTL serial port connection. If I don't find the problem, perhaps you will.

    Update: There were no resets using the nearby (-40 dBm) access point, so the radio was switched to a busier remote AP providing only Link Quality:23/94 Signal level:-72 dBm Noise level:-96 dBm to invite disruptions. As a reminder, the 'quick' web server shows an out-of-date page, click the display twice to display recent results.
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