Squeezebox radio model X-R0001.
Player MAC Address: 00:04:20:29:44:94
Player Firmware Version: 10.0.1-r16964
DNS Server
IP Address
IP Gateway
MAC Address 00:04:20:29:44:94

Initially able to play radio streams then drops UEsmartradio.com but remains connected to internet.

Red internet symbol appears.

"No valid IP" network status

"There is a problem connecting to UEsmartradio.com" message

Modem and wifi are stable in all other ways

Have tried the following troubleshooting actions: Turned power off and on, changed modems, did a factory reset plugged Ethernet cable into modem, changed channels, switched to Squeezebox from Smart Radio.

Took radio to a separate residential location and problem does not duplicate.

I have a second Squeezebox that works fine at the same second residential location. (Could somehow a second radio be the source of the problem?) Both are registered with Logitech.