Hi all,

I am using LMS on a Raspberry Pi (piCorePlayer) with a network share as music source.
Sometimes it happens the network share is not mounted properly during LMS' boot phase because the NAS is not yet up and ready (see also piCorePlayer v7.0.0: network disk mount -- retry settings not working).

When attempting to play songs, LMS can't do that of course (because the corresponding files are not visible to it).
Here is an example of what server.log is telling me:
[21-06-23 09:42:42.8585] Slim::Formats::readTags (176) File missing: /mnt/music/Black Sabbath/1980 - Heaven and Hell/02 - Black Sabbath - Children of the Sea.mp3
[21-06-23 09:42:42.8770] Slim::Player::Protocols::File::open (91) Warning: [file:///mnt/music/Black%20Sabbath/1980%20-%20Heaven%20and%20Hell/02%20-%20Black%20Sabbath%20-%20Children%20of%20the%20Sea.mp3] not bothering opening file with zero size or duration
[21-06-23 09:42:42.8790] Slim::Player::Song::open (480) Warning: stream failed to open [file:///mnt/music/Black%20Sabbath/1980%20-%20Heaven%20and%20Hell/02%20-%20Black%20Sabbath%20-%20Children%20of%20the%20Sea.mp3].
The actual problem now is that LMS removes those songs from its database. And the only way to get the songs back into the database (once the network share is properly mounted) is to do a full rescan ("Clear library and rescan everything"). This is pretty annoying as it always takes a while to complete the rescan operation (approx. 1 hour).

Is there any way to avoid songs being removed from the database in such situations?
If not, is there any quicker way get "lost" songs back into the database?

Best regards, Christoph