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would you be so kind to answer these questions from mh

Ronnie, I did answer MH and he is hugely helpful.

I've decided to back away from Tidal. Too many failures. When I did get it to work I wasn't very impressed with it.

Michael asked: What OS are you running LMS on? Are you able to navigate, but can't
play? What about SSL support (see Settings/Information in LMS)?

Mac 10.13.6. Can navigate, see graphics and "play" verbiage, then "failure to play. And all the settings seem to be right.

Pandora works fine. I'll stay with it and suspend my investigating other streaming services, listening to music instead.

I have opened up a new thread in General Discussion called "Machine to use for LMS and Duet." I may bring in to my system Rasberry Pi to host my LMS.

Thanks and onward!