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    Can Tidal stream through Duet?

    I reactivated my Tidal account yesterday, 6/20/21. But I am not able to play any music through my Squeezebox Duet from Tidal playlists. I was able to stream from Tidal a year or two ago before I quit my subscription.

    I can see Tidal on my Squeezebox Controller and can see my playlists and graphics that represent albums/songs. But I get a message saying "Problem: Unable to play file type for...(name of song)."

    My LMS is version 8.1.1.

    Tidal's "auto help" page instructed me to install ickStream. And provided a link to ickStreak Open Squeezebox Installation.

    I couldn't figure out the instructions at all. I sought out information on Slimdevices forum and found an article saying: "with a heavy heart we have to announce that we don't see a perspective for us to keep operating the ickStream service...we decided to shut down the ickStream service at the end of May 2019."

    So, can one stream Tidal through a Squeezebox Duet or not? If so can you point me to instructions?


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    Hopefully, this thread helps:

    See last post.

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    Can Tidal stream through Duet?

    Thanks for the link to previous post. I appreciate it. But still no music from Tidal stream

    I followed all the advice. Tidal still isn't playing through my Duet.

    Tidal as a checked Active Plug in my Logitech Media Server. I changed Player > Audio to Proxied Streaming. Double checked everything, restarted Duet and LMS, still no music streamed from Tidal.

    Regarding the advice from Mitch Stl: "On the Plug-In tab of your settings page in LMS, double-check those settings. Qobuz has one for the max bit rate sent to the player, so Tidal may have that also." I can see that Qobuz has a "settings" link in the right-most column; Tidal does not.

    The Tidal app does appear as active as shown in mysqueezebox.com but the only settings there are "enabled" or "disabled" my settings show "enabled."

    I'm stuck. Any additional thoughts?

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    Are the settings "enabled" to the correct e-mail address ?


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    Can Tidal stream through Duet?

    Yep. Enabled and the right e-mail address. Still no music from Tidal stream through Duet.

    How about this question: I'm looking into Tidal as a possible replacement to Pandora. I've been using Pandora for years and just want to see if another streaming service might be better. Should I just be happy with Pandora and forget about Tidal?

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    Can Tidal stream through Duet?

    > Yep. Enabled and the right e-mail address. Still no music from Tidal
    > stream through Duet.

    Haven't checked all your posting. But did you re-authenticate TIDAL on
    mysqueezebox.com? They changed the way how to sign in a while back. Go
    to mysb, remove the account and add it back (if you haven't done so yet).

    What OS are you running LMS on? Are you able to navigate, but can't
    play? What about SSL support (see Settings/Information in LMS)?

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