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    Squeezelite - gapless playback of Ogg/Vorbis

    Today I noticed audible glitches during gapless playback when playing Ogg/Vorbis files via Win10/Squeezelite-X (latest version) and HifiBerry/piCoreplayer (latest version, no config adjustments on Squeezelite). Afaik Squeezelite should support gapless playback, and when I encode and play the same songs as FLAC files, the playback via Squeezelite-X and PiCoreplayer is indeed 100% gapless.

    When playing the Ogg/Vorbis files with Foobar2000 they also play perfectly gapless, the same when playing them on a Squeezebox Radio (with official regular Logitech firmware).

    Is this known behaviour of Squeezelite or a possible bug? As Ogg/Vorbis supports gapless playback by design I am rather confused...

    /edit 2-9-2021
    I have done additional testing with an older version of PiCoreplayer (7.0.0) and the latest versions of LMS (8.2.0) and Squeezelite-X, the issue remains. When I transcode the OGG files back to FLAC as a test the transcoded FLAC plays again perfectly gapless. Therefore I strongly think this is an issue with Squeezelite. But as this thread is silent since my first post, I'm afraid nobody is able to help?
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