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    questions functions squeezebox . play and alarm clock

    Hello .
    if someone wants to be kind to answer me I have some questions to ask, there are many squeeze products and I would like to know if there is one that corresponds to my needs that I am going to list below.
    - I am not interested in having a remote server or internet connection but I prefer to have what I need locally on an SD card or a had disk.
    - automatic change of solar time - daylight saving time
    - alarm clock with radio station or by selecting selected tracks (each time a different track). weekly or daily alarm programming.
    - play file lossles for example wav flac etc. the destination is in the room to hear white noise, there are only four files. having a play button for each file would be handy.
    - infinite loop function of the file (when the song ends it restarts automatically) .When the alarm time comes, the automatic loop must be disabled to allow
    activation of the alarm.
    - possibility to use an external DAC of my choice (an I2s connection would be optimal but I assume that it cannot be done).
    - possibility to use separate HI-FI audio speakers of my choice.
    - buffer battery for saving time and settings in case of
    bye thank you

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    if you have not answered obviously everything I asked is not in the squeezebox but are there some of the things I have listed?

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    It may be that no one has answered your questions because no one understands exactly what you want to know. Your questions are specific, but without more context it may be difficult to make sense of them.

    Maybe it would help to be sure you understand something: while you are correct that a number of products have been released under the Squeezebox name, all of those products have been discontinued, most of them more than ten years ago. Some may occasionally turn up in "new and unused" condition, but for the most part, your only option for purchasing Squeezebox products is to buy used equipment. It is sometimes possible to find this gear in good working condition, but some caution is appropriate.

    There are products available that are somewhat compatible with the Squeezebox system, but many users prefer to put together "do-it-yourself" projects, usually based on a Raspberry Pi single board computer. I think most of the items on your list are possible with a Pi-based system, but it's largely up to you to put it all together.

    The Squeezebox devices were intended to work with a remote server at www.mysqueezebox.com, but it is also possible to use them with a local server, Logitech Media Server (LMS). When using a Raspberry Pi, or some other computer, LMS can be installed on the same device as the software player. Some people use LMS only, without a mysqueezebox account, but in that case some of the original features are not available.

    The lack of an internet connection may be a problem. In the past, there have been reports that LMS would not work properly without some sort of network connection, even when all music is stored on the same device running LMS. I do not know if this has been resolved.

    I hope this is helpful. And I also hope other users will correct any errors in what I've said!
    LMS 8 nightly running on Raspberry Pi OS. Mostly virtual players, occasionally with SB Radio, Boom or Classic.

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