I'm trying to create browse menus for a couple of virtual libraries.
These browse menus should be located inside a (home menu) parent folder. Works except there's something wrong with my url or so. I can only get it these sub menus to show the first 50 items (index=0) but never more (like index=100).

If I put the browse menu definitions (my $pt + push @browseMenus inside the feed) there's no problem. But since I need many menus for a couple of different libraries I thought I'd gather the definitions first and then register the parent folder node with the (sub) menus at the end. But then I get only the first page (50 items, index=0)...

Here the sub for an example VL and a browse menu:

initVLs {
	my $library = {
    	name => 'VL for comment menu',
     	sql => qq{
    		INSERT OR IGNORE INTO library_track (library, track)
    		SELECT '%s', tracks.id FROM tracks
			LEFT JOIN comments comments ON comments.track = tracks.id
				comments.value LIKE '%%somecomment%%' AND
				tracks.audio = 1
			GROUP by tracks.id

	my @browseMenus = ();

	my $pt = {library_id => Slim::Music::VirtualLibraries->getRealId($library->{id})};
	push @browseMenus,{
		type => 'link',
		name => 'Some Comment - Tracks',
		url => \&Slim::Menu::BrowseLibrary::_tracks,
		icon => 'html/images/playlists.png',
		jiveIcon => 'html/images/playlists.png',
		condition => \&Slim::Menu::BrowseLibrary::isEnabledNode,
		weight => 220,
		cache => 1,
		passthrough => [{
			library_id => $pt->{'library_id'},
			searchTags => [

		type         => 'link',
		name         => 'HOME_MENU_PARENTFOLDER_NAME',
		id           => 'mycustommenus',
		feed         => sub {
			my ($client, $cb, $args,$pt) = @_;
				items => \@browseMenus,
		icon => 'plugins/MyCustomMenus/html/images/icon.png',
		jiveIcon => 'plugins/MyCustomMenus/html/images/icon.png',
		weight       => 89,
		cache        => 1,
Any idea how to fix this? Thank you.