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    Custom Browse, Config for Genre - Albums

    TEN years ago, I used Custom Browse to replace the Sb Genre option so that ALBUMS were displayed instead of ARTISTS for any selected Genre. The display was just like Album browse option showing album art, album title, and album artist, sorted by album title.

    My server has now crashed and I cannot recall how to do this at all. I've re-read the Wiki, but this has always been a very confusing plug-in for me to use and I'm just not as smart as I was 10 years ago. Can anyone help me out with the steps?


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    This should do the trick:

    1. Plugins / Custom Browse -> Settings Section: Manage menus
    2. "Create new menu"
    3. "Genre Album"
    4. Default album sorting: By title
    5. "Next"
    6. "Save"

    That should create a menu called "Genre Albums" in Home > Custom Browse

    You might have to enable the menu in Plugins / Custom Browse -> Settings Section: Enabled menus if you want it to show in the home menu as well.
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