Hardware is Raspberry Pi 3 Model A Plus Rev 1.0 with an Innomaker HiFi DAC Hat (PCM 5122), playing though the hat's headphone jack. Software is a fresh install of 7.0.0, selecting Allo Bass DAC per Innomaker's instructions (the issue isn't new to 7.0.0, however, had it with the prior pCP version as well).

The player produces a slight popping sound before and after certain silences. The most common case is when advancing to a new track if the prior track ends in silence - there will be a small pop with two seconds or so left in the track, then another pop right with the start of the new track. There is no noticeable popping, however, when there isn't a silence at the end of the track (e.g., classical movement broken among multiple tracks). Occasionally a deep silence in the middle of a track will also provoke the pops.

I have tried adjusting the buffer settings, without it affecting the pops. Are there any other settings on either the Squeezelite tab or the audio card tab in pCP that others have had success with in fixing this kind of issue?