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    Boom Errors: Cannot Connect to Server

    I'm have 2 boom players, a few radios and one duet in my house. I'm having an issue with the two boom players where they are giving a "Cannot connect to server" error. Both will be playing fine and then stop playing, report the error and occasionally 'find' the server and then start playing again. Other times, they just stop playing and I need to select a different track to make it start playing again or it makes me walk through the saved wireless setup before reconnecting. I've tried debugging on the network and can see no issues. The players report signal strength > 80%. I'm able to ping the player, the firewall isn't logging anything strange and the router still has the lease and considers the players 'online.' I do see the boom players drop off the LMS web app but from the command-line, I can ping each on the LMS server. I've not seen anything in the logs to indicate what the issue is.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this further? It used to be an occasional issue but its become frustratingly frequent with both boom players recently.
    2xBoom, 3xRadio, 1xDuet, 1xSoundbridge

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    I'd like to be able to truly help you... perhaps my mis-guided effort will result in some more knowledgeable assistance.

    It's a pretty haphazard list of suggestions - just spitballing really, no specific substance to any of them

    From a system point of view, the only thing I can think of is enabling debug logging for Slimproto in LMS advanced settings... but with so many players in your setup that could be a lot of data logged.

    From a more general point of view, have you tried different locations, hardwiring the network connection for Boom, power (both mains and Boom PSUs)... you don't mention what platform you are running LMS on or what version, how it's connected to the network - basically trying to eliminate anything that's common to the two Booms - so for example if you hardwire the network connection (temporarily for testing) and the issue remains - that eliminates wifi as the issue.

    Any plugins installed that might affect Booms specifically?
    What format are the track's being played? - any transcoding? Do other formats play reliably?
    Are online services being used or local music?
    What happens if you connect to Mysqueezebox.com and play say, a radio stream, to see if you still get the dropouts.


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