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    innuOS LMS embrace, extend & break .... and the GPL?

    The innuOS linux distribution which is shipped with every innuOS music server, traditionally has used bundled LMS + squeezelite, and some custom proprietary glue to make it more user friendly, e.g. users don't need to fiddle with LMS settings such as creating a mysqueezebox.com account for Tidal integration.

    Now they have announced to completely change / replace the LMS database backend by something they developed in house - while keeping other parts of LMS for the audio engine, and to allow custom unified search, custom playlists, custom Tidal & Qobuz plugins, and put it all behind their own app:

    New music scanner and database
    With innuOS 2.0 we have developed a completely new music scanner and database for the music library.

    Is it still LMS-driven internally, or is it something you built all the way from scratch?

    It’s a bit of both. We still use LMS as the audio engine but we no longer use its database, that’s now been implemented by our team from scratch. You can still use any devices compatible with LMS like Squeezeboxes though. In fact, you can still use the Squeezer/iPeng apps if you want, although of course you’ll lose a lot of the benefits.

    Will that mean I can get rid of the Orange Squeeze control app?

    Yes, the Innuos Sense app will replace it. But Orange Squeeze/iPeng will still work (see above)
    Then in a more recent post, they are stating they will still support squeezebox devices, but break compatibility with existing squeezebox apps & LMS plugins:

    Ipeng / Squeezer and custom plugins can no longer be used
    Because we no longer use the Logitech Media Server (LMS) as a Music Library Database and, in fact, we will clear the LMS music database once innuOS 2.0 is installed, you will no longer be able to use the current recommended apps iPeng / Orange Squeeze / Squeezer with innuOS 2.0. This also means if you have installed other LMS plugins other than the ones configured by default on the system, you will not be able to use those plugins with innuOS 2.0.

    If you do have LMS plugins you installed that you must absolutely have, we recommend not to update to innuOS 2.0 just yet and let us know what those plugins are. Our objective is to integrate some of these plugins with innuOS so that you can use them with our app in future updates.

    Will innuOS 2.0 still support the Squeezebox ecosystem?

    Yes, Squeezebox players such as the Radio, Boom, Touch or Transporter, as well as any streamer implementing squeezelite such as Volumio, SoTM, Sonore and others will be supported directly from our app.
    These modifications raise the following GPL related question:

    Is Innuos allowed to embrace and extend LMS in such way it is no longer compatible with existing control apps & plugins, while not sharing any source code of their modifications?

    innuOS has not shared any source code, and analyzing their current OS (not the 2.0 versions which they are soon releasing), they have:

    - a custom compiled linux kernel for which no GPL source code was released or bundled with the product, and not made available via a GPL written offer
    - a custom squeezelite for which no GPL source code was released or bundled with the product, and not made available via a GPL written offer
    - an automatically provisioned mysqueezebox.com account on every product sold, without giving the customer access to the password (rooting the server e.g. via a linux rescue USB stick easily reveals the mysqueezebox.com password stored in a config file)

    It feels a bit like innuOS is massaging LMS to become more like a Roon alternative (e.g. by having a unified search system, by having better Qobuz & Tidal plugins which intgrate more metadata compared to the stock plugins)

    In a way, they are making proprietary changes to the LMS ecosystem

    Are the innuOS modifications to the LMS ecosystem allowed by the GPL?

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    Have you asked them for the source code?
    That should usually be the easiest step to find out how they handle GPL...
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