I have two Radios and one Receiver synchronized and connected to LMS on a NAS running openSuse Leap 15.2. The NAS is powered down every night and woken up every morning by WoL.

Now, most of the mornings one of the preset radio channels starts to play after the NAS has booted up. I do not want this to happen as most evenings I have forgotten to decrease the sound volume on the Radios which means I most often wake up wondering who has a party going on in the house.

All this started to happen a few months or so ago and I tried to figure out why this happened. At that time I was running LMS 7.9.3. I quite soon realized that there was new version of LMS available, 8.1.1. I installed that one and the issue went away.

Now, a few weeks back it all started again. So it seems it was not related to the server version.

I have not been able to trigger this issue if the players are not synchronized. I do have them setup that way all the time so that is not a good workaround though.

If anyone can help me debug, and fix, this issue I would be one happy man with one happy family.

Any comment is most welcome!