>that was your first bad move ;-) Great phones, terrible software.
>Never got the thing to work reliably with my 6210 or 6310 and i've not

heard about it getting much better in the interim.

They got slightly better ;-)
Anyway, to launch softsqueeze, just rightclick the .jar file, and find the
"open with" line, you should have a small list of softwares including the
java exe.
If you don't want to do this every time, you can safely go to the last line
in the list "choose program" or something like that (sorry, I'm using an
french windows, don't know the exact name). There you check the "always use
this program to open this file" and pick java in the list.
I've been using both programms since several month and I don't have any
problem with pc suite. (except the PC suite related problems of course lol)