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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Bob View Post
    In my case, the squeezeAMP remains listed as an attached device when I look at what's connected to the router, despite no longer showing up on LMS and being unreachable via the web interface - doesn't that mean wifi still operating, but that some functions on the squeezeAMP have stopped?

    Did it respond to ping?
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    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_44 View Post
    Did it respond to ping?
    No it didn't. So my lack of understanding of networks doesn't help!
    At the moment I'm enjoying using squeezeAMP on the older firmware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElFishi View Post
    CORRECTION: just found a loss of connection and core dump in the log. I seem to have missed this (4hrs of Siegfried is long....).
    Will post details later.
    Here's a snippet of the log when the connection is lost and the subsequent core dump.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Quote Originally Posted by philippe_44 View Post
    So it seems to be again a "wifi connection loss". I need to reproduce with the serial connected to see what's going on. Any chance you could tell me if you did anything with your LMS server/network between the last time you saw the AMP working and when it stopped responding? (updates/restarts/config...)
    No changes to the network. The fast blinking outage was discovered in the morning, the other during regular operations.
    After the 2 recent issues I did update my readynas ( an update was available when I went to look at the logs ), and I did turn on the "AI" scan of my ubiquiti DM Pro to try and shuffle out of congested space.
    Prior to the the 689 update of the squeezeAMP it was pretty stable. Even if there was a momentary wifi outage, while updating some part ( AP or router ), it stayed up and reconnected with no action on my part.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Bob View Post
    In my case, the squeezeAMP remains listed as an attached device when I look at what's connected to the router
    It depends how your router is deriving this "attached" status.

    From the wireless association table = Yes, it's definitely still there. Will disappear within seconds once the device goes offline.
    From the ARP cache = Could have been there in the last 10 minutes or so [implementation dependent].
    From the DHCP leases = Could be anywhere between hours and days old [implementation dependent].

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