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    Does LMS work on Macs?

    Does Logitech Media Server work on Macs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tdehan View Post
    Does Logitech Media Server work on Macs?
    A quick Google search leads to this:
    https://downloads.slimdevices.com/ni...ex.php?ver=8.1 Though I'm a Mac user, I've never installed LMS on a Mac myself! I am using 8.1.2 on a Raspberry Pi.

    Also, I've seen a number of posts detailing some system preferences you need to set if using recent versions of MacOS.
    It might be worth searching the forums for information about the newer M1 chip Macs.

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    When attempting to download LMS on my Mac running OS 11.4 Big Sur, I get the following:

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    Any suggestions on how to install LMS?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tdehan View Post
    Does Logitech Media Server work on Macs?
    Yes. The main developer also runs it on macOS (as do I).

    The message you are seeing is macOS' GateKeeper preventing unsigned programs from running. The releases are not signed, so you have to override that warning.

    Right-click on the .pkg file and select Open. It will then give you an option to run the installer.

    There are other settings you need to set in the macOS Security & Privacy area.

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    Thanks. I got it installed now

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