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    Stream What You Hear

    Apologies - posted in wrong Forum. Now moved over to 3rd party Software.
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    LMS 8.2.1 - 1639114554
    Control: Web GUI; MaterialSkin on Android phones / pads

    Machines / devices are in France, in two locations.
    a) Livebox 4
    Internal HDD (FLAC music; mp3 voice), LAN Desktop
    3 x Touch - 1 wireless, 2 LAN. (8.0.1-r16855)
    2 x SB Radios [wireless] (8.0.1-r16855)
    2 x SqueezeAmps

    b) Freebox
    External SSD, WiFi Laptop
    1 x Touch LAN (Firmware:7.8.0-r16754)
    2 x SB Radios, Wireless (7.7.3-r16676)

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