Hi Fairly new to this forum.
I have been setting up my picoreplayer after ripping CDs using EAC. One issue I have is that when I view an album with different artist the album shows up multiple times for each track on the album. I assume it is because of the tagging system used.

This is the appearance of the LMS album view

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I have looked at the tags using tagscanner and this is an example of the tags for one of these albums.

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The artist in this example is different for each track so I assume this is the issue.

I would like to change the tags so that the album view only shows one album but I preserve the artist in the album artist view.
Any suggestion on how to best achieve this and if there is any way that I can do this automatically when ripping these types of albums with EAC. I should also add that these files are FLAC format.

Cheers Glenn