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    Music stopping a LOT. Intermittant but frequent.

    For the past three days I've experience MANY instances of the following symptoms:

    Music stops completely.
    Clocking to go the next track usually means the player tries to reconnect to the server. Sometimes it can. Sometimes it can't.
    Music stops momentarily.
    Music stops momentarily then eventually resumes (30 seconds or so) but then stops over and over.
    Music skips to the next track on its own.
    Connecting to the server from software or hardware players fails until I stop/restart LMS on Win10 box.
    Restarting LMS only remedies the above for a short duration.

    If I play an internet stream, it will play endlessly. The above symptoms have to do with playing files from my library.

    I don't know how to interpret my server log file. Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm seeing a LOT of this line:

    [21-06-18 15:46:51.6683] Slim::Formats::Playlists::Base::playlistEntryIsValid (125) Warning: file:///E:/MP3/newbinbandcamp/newbin/zip/6-2-21/_digital%20only/Anastassis%20Philippakopoulos,%20J%C3%BCrg%20Frey%20-%20wind%20and%20light%20(wav%2024_96)/07%20Anastassis%20Philippakopoulos,%20J%C3%BCrg%20Frey%20-%20song%2010%20for%20clarinet%20.wav found in playlist:
    	file:///C:/ProgramData/Squeezebox/prefs/clientplaylist_000000009901.m3u doesn't exist on disk - skipping!

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    LMS version?
    Not sure if the version will help much - but a good starting point.
    Paul Webster
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    Lots more details on setup required. Server, players, networks etc.

    If you are using Wifi - then the issue could be networking. Interference can come from many sources such as neighbouring wifi network, mesh network, or even a failing fluorescent tube.

    Get a clean recent server.log (i.e. only last day or so) - zip the server.log and attach to a post.

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    It turns out to be a drive failure. One of the drives in the Drobo array that houses the library didn't report its failure in the expected manner, and caused this issue in a way that a drive that properly failed would not have. With that drive removed, the library and server is behaving normally. I'll replace the drive (I used my spare for an emergency and failed to replace it), and cross my fingers that it's not the Drobo that's failed.


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