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Thread: piTouch

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    Source and binary (for Pi Zero 2W running RPiOS Buster): https://github.com/retired-guy/Spectrum
    piTouchÖ w/JustBoom DigiHat -> RME ADI-2 DAC FS -> JBL 305P MkII monitors; LMS 8.2 on piCorePlayer/Pi 4; Material Skin.

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    Hyperpixel with Pi zero 2w - glowing screen


    I am trying to get Jivelite working on Pi Zero 2w and a Hyperpixel rectangular touchscreen. I have followed the steps at https://github.com/piCorePlayer/hyperpixel4.

    All I get is a glowing screen with no startup screen or jivelite display. Anyone got this working on this combination - PcP/PiZero2W/Hyperpixel Touch(rect) ?

    Note : I am connected through ssh and no hdmi.

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