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    Touch stopping and rebuffering

    I will start the Touch in the am playing local radio, after about an hour it will stop. After re-starting it may, or may not play radio successfully all day. In the evening I will play a CD and often it will re-buffer every few minutes. If I pull out the power to the Touch, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in all is fine. Wifi ? Touch buffer issues? anyone else see this?
    Wifi is 2.4 ghz, direct line of site about 15 ft away, router archer ax50.


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    Did the problems starting coincide with the router being installed or having a firmware upgrade?

    Perhaps your Touch WiFi suffer from the WiFi6 (AX) problems that others have reported.

    Try disabling AX features (at least in 2.4GHz band) and see if it improves.
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    Failing wifi card, can you try it wired?
    Failing power supply, can you try a different PSU.
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    wired is difficult but possible. I will check on disabling ax. thanks for suggestions

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