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Thread: HEOS By Denon?

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    HEOS By Denon?

    Has anyone tried out HEOS? It appears to be a peer-to-peer system that can play FLAC. The HEOS devices are controlled by smartphone app.

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    I do. I bought a Marantz AVR three years ago in large part because of integrated HEOS. I have HEOS wireless speakers in several rooms in addition to my stereo equipment.

    Multi room sync works well, and the sound is very good. I still have my raspberry pi running squeezelite and connected to a Marantz ND8006 network streamer/CD player via Coax and optical inputs (no reason to have both, I just did it to see if there was any difference...there isn┬ĺt).

    The HEOS software is stable. I suspect most folks who have problems with it have network issues. I have a siriusxm subscription as well as Amazon UltraHD, the latter of which streams a minimum of standard FLAC bitrates, up to 192/24 if available. Iĺm I have really good WiFi now, and broadband download speeds of 200mbs minimum, so the streams are trouble free (I had 50mbs when I first subscribed to Amazon UltraHD, and had frequent issues).

    The biggest negative is that the HEOS application is extremely basic. Many of the features available on the Amazon UltraHD and Sirius apps are unavailable through HEOS.

    I still use LMS quite a bit, and frequently stream throughout the house through HEOS. It is a little awkward, as I have to open HEOS first and choose the digital input from my Marantz ND8006 (separate system than the AVR I mentioned earlier) then open iPeng to start LMS.

    I still have my Touch, too, which is hooked up to my family room Marantz system via analog, using the Touch DAC. I have not tried any sort of blind A/B comparison between the ND8006 DAC through which I run my Pi (and listen in the family room via HEOS) and the Touch, but I think the Marantz sounds a little better.

    That is a lot I tried to share in one post. If you have other questions let me know.
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