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    Wow, thank you, guys!

    I'm not unfamiliar with Linux, I'm just bad at it compared to Windows. I used Ubuntu, Zenwalk and I think even SUSE some years back, but it was never my primary system.

    Then I'll go with Ubuntu LTS without GUI, skipping zfs. Awesome! As soon as I have that NUC, I'll be back with tons of stupid questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madpatrick View Post
    ClearOS (https://www.clearos.com) is something different then the questioned Clear Linux (https://clearlinux.org).
    I''m using ClearOS for over 15 years in different versions and it is an easy install with many options. Simply to use and als you can install third party services without any issues.
    Not sure what happended with your install, but never had any problems.
    It is a pretty stable distro, with a lot of packages which you can add easily and control from 1 controlpanel. LMS is running on it without any problems and and it easy to manage the user account for mail, SMB or Nextcloud.
    Right... Cute to re-use an already existing name [sigh]

    As I remember there was a conflict between the underlying Linux system and the ClearOS managed volume that contained the user shares. As the service required access to files on that volume (as LMS would) it was necessary to create an associated LDAP account and apparently this triggered the management scripts to delete the POSIX account and the service failing to start. I ended up hacking the service startup script to verify the existence of the POSIX account and add if missing.

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